A productive year for art (and fan/fiction writing)

Several months later and I’m finally taking the time to blog here again. There had been a lot of things going on that kept me from blogging the happenings with me, art, and (fan/fiction) writing in general. It had a lot to do with concentrating more on another Class 101 digital art course similar to the latest course I wrote a review on before this blog went idle because there was so much techniques to apply and learn, such as adding subtle details to make every part of the artwork as realistic and rustic as it can be. As far as writing goes, I’m not talking about blogging altogether. I’m referring to my past (?) creative love: writing fiction and fanfiction. In this case, it’s fanfiction. Lastly, I also discovered and enrolled in a few more art courses that is outside of Class 101. I’ll talk about each of them a bit later.

Art Progress

I am still taking Class 101’s Drawing in a Diary course by one of Korea’s notable illustrators, Bodam. It’s not because the course itself is hard, but because I have been lacking some motivation in continuing. It wasn’t that I no longer want to continue, it’s just that I get in some days that I didn’t feel like doing anything artistic at all. I also do two other things that are also artistically-related but not exactly involves visual aesthetics: fanfiction writing and coding. But most of all, I had been going on another job hunting these last few months until I finally landed a full-time job that would keep me a lot more busy with real life outside the hobbies. Now that I accomplished this, benefits, and all, I’m a lot more motivated now to get creative once more in all fields.

As a result, I converted my long-time abandoned personal non-niche blog into a diary art blog. Because I don’t blog as often as I used to, I decided to convey whatever subject I wanted to blog about through (digital) artwork diary art-style. They’re all meant to be simple and not classically aesthetic style, which is why they’re called diary art. I have been spending a lot more time with digital art1 than I have with analog art and it’s a bit of a bad sign. I still want to master Copic Markers and just markers in general, plus I also want to get better with colored pencils and get started with watercolor painting.

The current course I’m taking also gives an introduction to drawing simple human characters, so I do look forward to that. Right now, it’s all about objects, both living (plants) and non-living, and not so much with scenery. They do make good stickers too, so I do plan on making (and selling?) these stickers with my artwork in them. At long last, I was able to invest from my very first full-time job paycheck in a Cricut Maker machine. Stickers? Smartphone cases? T-shirts? With my artwork on them? Definitely!

I’m really looking forward to this new artistic journey of having a side business, though I have to take things slow at first.

Lastly, I mentioned about enrolling in courses in different platforms outside Class 101. I enrolled courses at Domestika, 21 Draw, and Don Corgi. I think it’s also a good idea to search around other platforms for more skill enrichments for the absolute beginners, such as drawing poses, anatomy, etc. 2 There’s plenty more of these online art course platforms. I even updated my Exits section to add these links if you’re interested.

Fan/fiction writing progress

I planned to write about my current fanfiction here, but when there’s so much inspiration brimming, I don’t feel like I’d want to stop writing just so I can blog about them right here. So, that’s my situation.

The fanfiction that I’m currently writing is called A Pocketful of Miracles, based on the popular French 3D animated series shown on the Disney Channel/Disney+3, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. So, how on earth I ended up watching a 3D animated series being aired on the Disney Channel in the first place? I have to thank my toddler nephew for randomly getting excited at the fight scenes on Youtube that I decided to tune in just so I can watch my nephew go nuts watching them. But, the storyline and the concept also made me get into the series too. The plot and concepts really reminded me a lot of the old shoujo manga/anime series that I used to love watching, such as Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Tokyo Mew Mew, and more! The series is still up on Netflix (Seasons 1-3 only), but eventually it will be removed and that you’d have to watch the entire series from the beginning on the Disney+ subscription platform.

Like my old Card Captor Sakura fanfic that I wrote several years ago, Stuffed Animal, this particular fanfic is also based on magical realism style with so much fluff. Why? Because I love fluff. I think the canon storyline itself is as complicated as it is that I’d leave all the complexity to the original screenwriters. A Pocketful of Miracles involves kwamis (but no superhero concepts) and the concept of matchmakers. There’s also a few sample chapters I wrote of its upcoming sequel that stars the children of the main characters from the previous.

Honestly, I’ve become a little upset about FanfictionNET. All of my fanfics (both finished and unfinished) are all hosted in that platform, but I’m rather disappointed that the platform still doesn’t have support for Markdown. Markdown is already used in a lot of writing platforms such as WordPress, WordPressCOM, Medium (https://medium.com), static site generators, and chatrooms such as Discord and Slack and it’s also a standard tool for web writers all around and yet FFnet doesn’t have any Markdown support. Worse of all, when Markdown is converted to HTML, the format gets messed up and wonky that I decided to give up on it and hosted it on a relatively newer platform, A3O. At least with A3O, just Markdown converted into HTML. I even wrote a simple tutorial on Markdown on my code learning blog years ago with a few updates here and there.

If you are curious, please do read the fanfic. If you’re a Miraculous fan and don’t mind magical realism fluff, please do read. It’s not finished yet and I had to halt writing for awhile because I was preparing for my full-time job and everything else.

2022 Goals

Just a few goals that I had in mind that I do plan on doing when 2022 arrives:

  • Bullet journaling: I tried starting one, but I lost motivation
  • Learning character design: simple characters first before anime/manga style
  • Crafting products based on my artwork: my Cricut machine is coming next week!
  • More code learning

Bye-bye 2021!

This is my final blog post for 2021. Till next time!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Little Notes

  1. In this case, with Procreate and my iPad…
  2. There are more than one different ways of drawing characters. It’s just a matter of finding a method that works for you, maybe even tweak it a little too…
  3. Here in the U.S. anyway…