Adri Mars INK emerged from a huge revamp of a previous site/blog called Adri Mars.ME.

Originally a blog about my (attempts) to write original fiction and my fanfiction based on various anime/manga and video game stories I loved in the past, Adri Mars INK is now a review and analysis blog about fiction stories based on various media such as film, TV, webcomics, books, and others. Alongside being a reviews blog, I’m also using this blog for my beginner art journey. 1

I don’t consider myself a critic or anything, but more of a fan of stories altogether. But like everything else, there will be things that I like and things I may not like. Still, I always watch or read stories with an open mind, leaving out all my personal politics and beliefs aside. I believe that important messages and morals to life are more effective if they were written in stories rather than through lectures. But that isn’t always the case with everyone.

Maybe one day, I’ll go back to writing my own stories, whether if they’re original fiction or fanfiction. I’m already starting with art altogether.

About me

Adri Mars is the pen name that I used whenever I (attempt to) write original fiction and fanfiction. Recently, I started using Adri Mars INK for my art as well. The pen name was derived from my real name, Adri(anne) Mar(ie), and just added an “s” at the end of Mar because there’s a kind of a ring to it.

I currently work in the tech industry, but my work doesn’t get in the way of my other love: the arts. This includes the written and the fine arts. 2 I have a niche-less blog that I sometimes write to, where my personal “me” time is located.

About (Fan)Fiction writing

I began doing creative writing back in middle school, or at least, dabbled a bit into it. I was inspired by writing about everything and anything that comes to mind that stemmed through my first few years as an immigrant kid. It stemmed for being an immigrant kid with no friends because of too many barriers. I only had a pen, pencil, and notebook as my only friend back then.

Eventually, my creative writing evolved a little bit when I started having friends and then I created fictional stories that were based on my experiences as a high school student. Plus, I read more youth-oriented books from the library for pleasure, rather than for reading classes and book reports. Not to mention that I got immersed into video games for the first time with my brother and friends that I learned that even video games can have a well-crafted story to make the games a lot more enjoyable. Of course, lastly, from watching youth-oriented TV shows, the limited choices that I had because we didn’t have cable TV back then.

The stories I wrote weren’t exactly perfect, especially that English wasn’t my native language and I’ve had plenty of bland, repetitive vocabulary and no depth. I actually never understood the idea of showing vs. telling, and as much as I enjoyed writing altogether, it ended up being my least strong suit and math (a subject I hated and failed miserably) as my strongest suit when I took college entrance exams and had to take remedial courses for two semesters until I finally got enrolled in the actual “introductory” English class.

During my early college days, in particular, in my Japanese foreign language courses, I (re-)discovered anime and manga. Not only that it broadened my ideal themes to a good, well-written story, 3 but it got me interested in Asian pop culture once again. Japan, for one thing, and then my own origin country. 4 And then, I felt my mind becoming scatterbrained because all of a sudden, my inspirations became flooded with so many ideas that were crying out to be written and shared with the entire world.

But, having a career in creative writing wasn’t meant to be for me. My name and the Pulitzer Prize 5  simply did not match together. I ended up becoming more interested in computer science and web development. Even if that was the case, my love for writing still remained. Along with just building sites as side hobbies, I was able to use my love for writing to create content for these sites. In the end, it worked out for me altogether.

Today, I still continue indulging in my pleasures of reading books, watching various TV shows including foreign dramas, playing more video games including online MMOs, and rediscovering anime and manga again, even though I indulge more in light novels now. I even dreamed of being a manga artist at one point since I like to dabble with art, but it wasn’t also meant to be. Maybe I should have a side career as a light novelist one day too. 6 But we’ll see.

I have various accounts where you can check out my (unfinished) stories. You can check them out below:

About Art

Like most people, my first experience with art was during childhood. However, because of other interests (and other things that ended up in my head), they got in the way of my love for art. I love seeing different kinds of artwork that it made me wish and become envious of those who learned and created their own talent for the fine arts.

It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that I finally got myself serious with art. I started finding writing (fan)fiction tedious and just wanted to illustrate my ideas in mind into art. That was when I started enrolling in online art courses and focus more on there.

Though I haven’t written much about art in general, I’m starting to very soon. 7

You can check out some of my artwork (mostly experimental and class projects for now) at the following locations:

Thank you for visiting. Please keep in touch when you can.

Little Notes

  1. I’m referring to actual art, not the therapy kind like the mandalas and zentangles that I posted on my Art section.
  2. Sometimes performing arts, but I just like watching/viewing them, rather than creating them.
  3. depending on the target audience, of course…
  4. Philippines.
  5. Joking on this one, of course…
  6. I would still need to commission a manga-style illustrator to draw some scenes for me though…
  7. As of the beginning of 2021.

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