Class 101 Ambassadorship

I am a new Class 101 Ambassador, sharing my current favorite arts, crafts, and lifestyle online learning platform, Class 101, its courses, creators, and programs, to all aspiring artists and those looking for a fulfilling hobby during this very difficult pandemic period. If you have discovered a course within the Class 101 catalogue that you find interesting and would like to enroll, I’m here to help you a bit with the costs.

For every course enrollment you purchase, you can use my discount code ADRIMARSINK40 and get $40 off of the current price of the course you enroll. There is no limit to using the discount code, feel free to use the code as you like. Or if you prefer, you can click the button below and it will take you to the CLASS 101 official website along with the code automatically applied.

My Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world on March 2020, things in my everyday life changed. I lost my job and lost my motivation in continuing my coding/tech online courses because of it. Like many who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, we all had to stay home, wondering what we should be doing right now until the world is safe again to find new jobs or even return to our old jobs again. Some were lucky to be able to work at home, but for others, like myself, we were needed to be on location to continue with our work. Because of my lack of motivation for anything else, I thought of taking a rest. I tried everything, from self-healing apps to meditation to even at-home workouts, but they weren’t working for me. Then, I decided to do something different by going back to the things I used to love from my younger days: art.

During my youth, I was a budding artist, but I felt I wasn’t good enough. I wanted to continue art even after high school, as I have taken various art courses in both middle school and high school as electives. I did almost everything: Silkscreen printing, calligraphy and cartooning, advanced lettering, simple scenery art, beginning graphic design and digital design with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. But, coming from a semi-traditional Asian upbringing, I had to stop pursuing art and take on another field that should help me build my own life successfully and fulfillingly.1

I thought of enrolling into an online art school at first, 2 but the tuition costs and enrollment fees were intimidating and I didn’t think I’d be able to afford them at the moment (financial aid or not). Then, as I was looking through Instagram, checking out various art pieces of artists around the world, I saw some ads of Udemy-like online learning platforms dedicated to arts and crafts. However, some are subscription-based (and aren’t exactly cheap either), some don’t have certain art courses that would interest me or would fit my ideal style, or that they lack any communication means between the teacher and student. Sometime later, I came across two new (at least to me) arts-related online learning platforms that caught my attention: Domestika and Class 101.

Why Class 101?

Domestika has so many courses that I signed up for a free account. However, Class 101 had a lot of different and appealing courses that somehow resonated with my ideal art style that I decided to choose the latter. I also purchased a few courses at Domestika because they also had courses that Class 101 hasn’t offered yet that I also found interesting, but somehow I felt a lot closer to Class 101’s mission statement.

Course Access Time Limit

Unlike the other online learning platforms, Class 101 has course access time limits. It may sound expensive, however, a lot cheaper than art colleges and universities. In addition, you also gain points to help extend your access time limit for 14 more days by doing any or all of the following:

  • Logging in to your course daily up to 10,000 pts per 7 days. This means that if you log in your course for 7 days, you will rack up to 10,000 pts. Otherwise, you start over again. Here is a guide:
    • Day 1: 500 pts
    • Day 2: 500 pts
    • Day 3: 1000 pts
    • Day 4: 1000 pts
    • Day 5: 2000 pts
    • Day 6: 2000 pts
    • Day 7: 3000 pts
    • Overall Total: 10,000 pts
      After the 7 days and you log back in on the next day, you start over again from Day 1 and earn more points. You need 10,000 pts to extend your course access time limit to 14 days.
  • Complete Mission Assignments in your course. On some chapters of the course, you are required to submit your final artwork for instructor feedback, as well as some feedback from your classmates. Per every mission assignment you complete, you earn 2,000 pts.

The more you rack up points from doing any or all of the two items above, the more points you earn, the more days you can extend for the course of your choice.

Enrolling in Courses

When you enroll in a course (or courses), if they are already available for you to take, you will be sent an access coupon for you to start. You don’t have to start right away, you can still save your access code when you’re ready to commit to your course. The good thing about these access codes is that they don’t have any expiration dates, so instead of starting with the course later today, you can start with the course tomorrow, in 2 days, next week, in a few months, etc.

When you enroll, you also have the option of paying for the course itself or pay for the All-in-One Package, which includes starter materials if you’re unsure which tools you need to take the course. The All-in-One Package option applies to traditional art courses, crafting courses, and some lifestyle courses. Some digital courses offer All-in-One Packages on WACOM Intuos tablets (highly recommend if you’re taking a digital art course), but most will only require you to download/purchase a particular app, such as Procreate or Clip Studio Paint, in order to follow along with the class. When Class 101 first opened, they used to offer iPads (from iPad Mini to iPad Pro) in their All-in-One Packages for digital art. Sadly, they no longer sell discounted iPads.

Class 101 has periodical sales, such as 50% select courses, free All-In-One Packages for a limited time, etc. So, if you are interested but not ready to enroll yet, you can sign up for their newsletter for announcements of these periodical sales.

The Creators

Your art instructors for the courses you enroll are referred to as creators by Class 101. Many of these creators are currently or formerly professional artists for a living, some are experienced art teachers, and others are enthusiastic hobbyists who want to get into teaching art. Class 101 provides full support for the creators who want to create their own courses and teach aspiring students their work and craft. They also provide guidance to those who have never created an online course before from video production to video editing.

Class 101 is originally an online learning platform that was founded and first operated in Korea, so naturally the first few courses they offered are in Korean. They now have Class 101 available outside Korea and also a Class 101 Japan for the Japanese learners. The courses offered by Korean creators are ported in both in English and Japanese in subtitles. So far, the courses I’ve taken and completed are from Korean creators and I’ve really enjoyed them.

There’s a lot more to explain regarding their creators system. You’ll just have to visit their official site for more information.

Ambassador Program

Class 101 now offers their new Ambassadorship Program for students who would like to promote Class 101 and/or its specific courses through many means. Because I learned a lot from these courses and I also wanted to share everything they offer to the curious, I signed up for the program and now offering discount coupons and other specials here on my arts blog. I decided to provide special links to every course review that I completed for those interested in the course. Otherwise, they can use my $40 off discount coupon to enroll in courses I haven’t enrolled yet or haven’t completed yet.

We earn some commission through the ambassador program, so not only it will help Class 101 continue on with their work, but it will also help us students and enthusiasts to make a small living too. You can even sign up anytime if you are interested by visiting the website and look for the link that says Class 101 Ambassador.

Little Notes

  1. In short, one that can earn me a lot of money without that many struggles.
  2. Academy of Art University came in mind, since it’s a local arts school, it’s one of the nation’s largest private arts institution, as well as one of the top-ranked arts institutions in various categories from digital art to online education platforms. It also has a 100% enrollment acceptance rate because we weren’t required any arts background or even an arts portfolio to enroll. However, the tuition prices…