Art Therapy Gallery

When I first rebuilt this entire site last month, my first intent was to keep it as a fiction and fanfiction blog. But, when I was also doing the same with my tech blog by removing my art therapy gallery section from it, I also planned to make another revamping of another older site: my collective called Let’s VOLT IN! Right then, just as I was already backing up the files to move to a different host, I started to think about the Adri Mars INK domain. In particular, the extension of the URL itself, .ink.

There is a .ink extension on this site, and I figured, why is .ink limited to just writing when we need the .ink to create illustration art and coloring? 1 So, rather than just revamping LVI! into a strictly art/art therapy site, that I decided to make another section for my art therapy instead. I’ll have to rebuild the main page of this site to show the latest addition to the art therapy gallery and link it there. I think that would be the best move.

I guess I made this decision because these past few weeks I have been feeling major mental exhaustion because of work and other events in life outside social media and the internet. I don’t know why I’ve been feeling so tired for a while now. I’ve tried everything to keep myself awake, like breathing, meditating, and other things, and yet I ended up falling asleep. Next thing I knew, when I wake up, it’s in the middle of the night already. And when it’s the middle of the night, less time enjoying my dinner, less time with my coding education, and less time doing all my other hobbies before bed. Not a very good habit.

I started digging up my coloring books I started coloring from 2 years ago, and I’m appalled at how much I loved coloring books that I didn’t bother finishing them, not a single page. I also loved drawing Zentangles and Mandalas and Zendalas and things similar. But alas, I only completed two tiles of Zentangles and two Zen Mandalas, dated 3 years ago. I even had a small gallery of my Zen Art 2 with my completed artwork on The NINPOJineous too.

I started working on building my gallery here. Stay tuned!

Little Notes

  1. Not necessarily true, there are colored pencils and pastel chalks too…
  2. had to remove it from my tech blog as part of my revamping.