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Due to unwanted spam, I don’t have a contact form. Instead, you can reach me via my social media profiles:

Some Links to Share

From time to time, this links list will be updated once I discover interesting links related to both art and literature.

For Fiction and Story Lovers:

If you prefer reading stories from your mobile device, there are also apps that I sometimes read and check out. You can (probably) find them on iTunes or Google Play, depending on your device. I have an Android phone and an iPad, but I use my phone more. I’ll be sure to update the list if I find any recommended apps to read original stories from.

  • LINE Webtoon
  • Webnovel

Become an Artist:

Here are some of the art learning platforms that you can explore and check out. I will be updating this list gradually whenever I discover new platforms for a more variety:

Where to get your art supplies?

I go to a variety of (online) art supply stores from the local ones to online. Below are (U.S.-based) online art supply stores that has international shipping available. Be sure to check their international shipping policy, as they may not ship to certain countries.

Join an Art Community:

I’m pretty sure there are a lot more art communities all around the internet, but so far, I’m part of the following below:

Little Notes

  1. You’d be surprised that there are some really good art courses there…

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