New Year with Two (Proposed) FFXV Fanfics!

First of all, welcome to the new year 2018! Happy New Year to all who come and visit this brand-new place!

I’ve got some plans and goals set up for this year, but I’m very much excited to get back to fanfic writing again, after all the long stint that I have with Cardcaptor Sakura. Speaking of CCS, the brand-new anime series dubbed Clear Card Arc will finally be released in Japan (and the rest of the world via Crunchyroll) on TV and every fan in the world who remembers the cuteness known as Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li are super-excited for this! I know I am, but I can wait until the official release on DVD/Blu-Ray or something since I don’t have a Crunchyroll subscription. I’m still trying to work on my budget and once I get a much stabler job then I can squeeze in a Crunchyroll subscription one day.

Anyway, enough about CCS. I’m happy to announce that I plan to write two fanfic projects for my current favorite video game of the moment, Final Fantasy XV. Initially, I wanted to open up a shrine in photoblog style for Prompto and his photographs (more like the screenshots that I take, the auto-shots that the game makes, and the manual shots (supposedly) taken by Prince Noctis himself) and simply just talk about them, but the idea fell because life happened. The domain is now up for expiration next week and I’m debating whether I should renew it or go for another domain name that’s a lot more fitting. We shall see.

Paeoniae Exercitu ad Regem Regum

This is the first FFXV fanfic project that I’m currently working on right now. I plan on making this as a trilogy of fanfics because it revolves on two things:

  • My character from FFXV’s multiplayer DLC, Comrades 1
  • Giving Noctis and Lunafreya (and probably other favorites such as Nyx Ulric and Crowe Altius from the Kingsglaive prequel movie) the life and justice they so deserve.

And before anyone starts accusing me of Mary Sue-ing/Gary Stu-ing on this fanfic, I suggest you play the game and get the Comrades DLC. Your character (whoever he/she may be) actually plays quite an important role in the main story of the game. 2 Your character’s backstory before the events in Kingsglaive and Comrades is all entirely up to you. In my case as a fanfic writer, I feel that I’ve been given freedom to include an original character within the main story without even changing the story’s canonicity. You may not be part of Noctis’s squad along with Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio, but while the Chosen King was asleep, you have been well-recognized by all the characters we’ve met from the main game, as well as in Kingsglaive, which also includes Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio.

In fact, in Comrades, it’s not the three bros who will be training you during these next ten years for the upcoming Long Night. It will be you training them. You defeat all three of them during your training sessions with them, you also get rewarded special weapons and items from them. 3 That also gives me the freedom to seriously write a solid story about her in the fanfic.

Briony Pacem

My character’s name is Briony Pacem. The name briony is a variant spelling of bryony, which is a type of flower bush. A few characters in FFXV were also named after flowers and plants (namely the Amicitias, Gladiolus and Iris, as well as EXINERIS head technician, Holly Teulle). Her last name, pacem, means peace in Latin.

Briony was born and raised in Lestallum to a hunter father and an EXINERIS technician mother, the youngest of three siblings. Feeling stuck in the middle with her siblings, who both followed the footsteps of their parents, she received her calling to enter the civil service. Because of her early self-defense arts training from her hunter father and earning her smarts in science and technology from her mother, she became aware of the latest news throughout her home country of Lucis about the war against Niflheim. The Kingsglaive was established by King Regis when she was only 10-years-old, and she found her way to civil service by joining the Glaives in the near future.

Briony was born on April 22, M.E. 731. She is about three months older than Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, meaning she’s about four to five years older than Noctis and Prompto, three years older than Ignis, and two years older than Gladio. Most of the Glaives in the Kingsglaive movie were several years older than the main characters in the main story, and I made Briony as a junior intel Glaive being trained and mentored by Nyx Ulric and Libertus Ostium.

Her backstory begins with the first story of the series, From Girl to Glaive. This is an intro story for Briony and also the intro story to the entire series. The series title, Paeoniae Exercitu ad Regem Regum, is translated as The Homecoming of the King of Kings. I think the title pretty much gives away on what the entire series is about. From Girl to Glaive is Briony’s backstory, from her early days as a Glaive until the end of the Kingsglaive movie and the start of the Comrades DLC story. You can find the fanfic’s first chapter (still perfecting the second chapter right now) on the following fanfic sites:

For the time being, that’s all I’m going to write about for this series. Now, I got a proposed second story, not exactly related to this one, but this is more of an AU fun-type of story. After all, what would FFXV be without the overflowing humorous banter between our bros and the characters, right? I’ve done this sort of fanfic with Cardcaptor Sakura many times, so therefore, I can do the same with FFXV.


Nyx and Edie (Tentative Title)

This is a proposed second fanfic that I feel like having fun writing with. However, I haven’t really started with it yet.

If you’re an avid FFXV fan, we all know how much we love the BFF bros-forever relationship between Noct and Prompto, right? Forget about the canon main story on this one, because this is the fun and wholesome side of my fanfic writing ideas. 😊 In this particular scenario, Noct is the current king of the mighty, dominating kingdom of Lucis, married to his beloved Queen Lunafreya the Oracle. Prompto is a traveling freelance photographer married to that pretty grease monkey belle in Hammerhead named Cindy Aurum. 4

This is a second generation fanfic starring the kids of BFF bros Noct and Prompto: the next heir to the Lucian throne, Crown Prince Noctis “Nyx” Lucis Caelum II (the future King Noctis Lucis Caelum XV), and simple Leiden girl and future Glaive soldier Editha “Edie” Argentum. Nyx, Edie, and their two other friends, Cypress “Cy” Scientia (Ignis’ son) and Sage Amicitia (Gladio’s son), have known each other since childhood, but because of their background differences, they only get to see each other on special occasions. Edie, the outsider of the group, would sometimes feel alienated because she is not accustomed to the culture of the Crown City (she lives in Hammerhead with Prompto and Cindy and Grandpa Cid), however, the boys have done all they can to make her feel at home and that she is “the only girl in their lives” since the beginning.

Lucis has become the dream country that everyone from all over Eos dreamed of living into, thanks to the domineering prosperity and the fairness of King Noctis and Queen Lunafreya together. One of the somewhat controversial declarations that the royal couple has made was to break the Lucian royalty tradition of marriage. Rather than arranged marriages like the past royalty on both sides, the two have given their son and heir Nyx the freedom to choose any girl he would wish to marry. Because of this declaration, the girls from all nations of Eos, including Lucis’ sworn rival and enemy, Niflheim, are now right after Nyx’s attention and heart, as well as his position and role as the future king of Lucis. What Nyx and the rest are unaware of, except for a few, Noct and Prompto already made promises to each other that if their kids can’t find anyone to fall in love and marry by the age of 21, that they would have Nyx and Edie marry each other instead.

That’s just the gist of what this story’s about. But at the moment, Briony Pacem goes first. The second generation will have to wait.

That would be it for this second entry of Adri Mars INK. Tomorrow is yet another work day.

Till next time!

On the sidenote . . .

  1. yes, she’s the one you see on the featured image of this entry)
  2. You are a surviving Kingsglaive soldier, one of the few who survived the downfall of Insomnia from the Kingsglaive prequel movie, and are now called forth by your fellow Glaives, as well as the remaining Crownsguard, Hunters, the rest of humanity, and even the gods (Bahamut, to be exact) to restore your duties, redeem yourself and your fellow Glaives from the sins that your past comrades have committed (treason against the Lucian Crown and their own people), and battle against the daemons as the Long Night rolls in while protecting the Chosen King (Noctis) during his several years of slumber at Angelgard. Seriously, you have to play this multiplayer DLC.
  3. It’s said that the Kingsglaive soldiers are a lot more higher-ranked and more elite than the Crownsguard, so all Crownsguards actually do look up to you Glaives as their seniors/mentors in a way.
  4. I’m a Prompto x Cindy shipper. Silver (Argentum) and Gold (Aurum), you know!