Simple & Relaxing Artistic Journey

Are you a complete beginner in anything artistic? You can take beginning courses using traditional/analog methods such as paper, pencil, pen, markers, watercolors, etc. But if you’re the impatient type that you want to create artwork faster or just afraid of making too many mistakes that you may ruin your paper by constantly erasing so many mistakes just to get that one little line or shape right? You can try digital drawing. It’s convenient, portable, easier to fix mistakes with just a few clicks, and if you love to travel around, you can even go mobile by creating wonderful digital works of art.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into digital art using an iPad (or any other tablet that supports drawing apps) but really don’t know where to start or how to get used to using the drawing app, this is a good place to start. The name of the course is self-explanatory: Your Artistic Journey Starts Here: Beginning Digital Drawing for the iPad by Korean illustrator, Soosoojin.

Overall General Info & Materials

You only need a few things for this course besides your laptop or mobile device to watch your courses:

  • iPad (any model would do, but the instructor uses iPad Pro)1
  • Apple Pencil (any model) – recommended if you’re using an iPad, but if you have an older version (any version before iPad 7th Gen), any electric stylus that has a good stability feature and native palm rejection feature, that should do it.
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch – Despite it has “Adobe Photoshop” in the name, the app is free to download and use. Recently, Sketch became a legacy app and Adobe will no longer supporting it, but they recommend you download and use Adobe Fresco instead. But I think it’s better you follow the teacher along by using the same app/program.

With the exception of courses that teaches Clip Studio Paint, there is now All-in-One Package option to enroll in this course, meaning when you enroll, you’ll only get the course itself.

What you’ll be learning

  • Getting acquainted with Adobe Photoshop Sketch, its interface and simple features to get you to start making your own simple digital artwork.
  • Explore different types of default brushes and new brushes that you can also download for free.
  • Drawing different inanimate objects using these different brushes and the effects they give.
  • Bonus Chapter: How to “materialize” your artwork through making prints, stickers, postcards, stationery, t-shirt designs, reusable shopping bags, and smartphone cases through various different online services available. More on this later.2

Not being perfect makes your art stylish

This is a very perfect course for beginners who have absolutely no experience in art by itself and no experience in digital art. This is also a good introductory course to those who are versed with traditional/analog art and want a transition to digital art but don’t know where to start. The instructions are clear3 and I love how the instructor also shares some of her personal stories related to the artwork we’re drawing then, such as different styles of dresses, brunch dishes, picnic baskets, European-style buildings, and more.

But what I also found that’s valuable to me is that drawing an “imperfect” drawing actually draws out your own newly-discovered stylish art style. It shows that the completed artwork that may look awkward also shows that you have created it by hand and that the artwork is drawn from within you. The little details that you may mess up can also make your entire drawing a lot more unique. Every single chapter as we draw these drawings, she always reminds us of this repeatedly. When it comes to art and drawing in general, I was very squeamish and always have this OCD-like outlook when I draw something that I fall behind and start over to the point that I no longer have the motivation to complete what I started. Soosoojin’s pleasant voice really made me become more motivated that right near the end, I learned to no longer care about perfection.

To me, it turns out that adding some “quirkiness” in every piece of artwork I make really does stand out. At the end of the course, I have a lot more confidence with digital art and I can finally tackle the much fully-featured drawing apps, such as Procreate,4 Clip Studio Paint, and even both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


I thought this entire course seemed a lot blissful and therapeutic than I thought. This is why I titled this post as Simple and Relaxing Artistic Journey because even if our drawings may be simple, flat-colored, and it has simple effects using different brushes, I really did feel a lot more relaxed. I feel like all the stress that’s bottled up inside me have been lifted as I draw everyday, just following along with the videos.

This course may also serve as an art therapy-type of course if you’re one of the people who want to do art for self-healing therapy. It really helps. For all we know, you can also create your own art therapy by making your own original artwork with the same methods, both from photo references or even from your imagination.

The bonus chapter shows how we can import our artwork from Adobe Sketch to the printing services of your choice. The videos were not subtitled in English because the instructor was using local (Korean) services to process our artwork into prints, stickers, and other different items. However, she did introduce us to MARPPLE Shop to get our artwork printed into smartphone cases and reusable shopping bags. The good thing about MARPPLE is that they also cater worldwide as the site led me directly to the English version. Along with their native Korean, they also have a Japanese version of their site as well.

Other than MARPPLE, there are other services we can check out:

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Little Notes

  1. Personally, if you have a tablet or any mobile device in which Adobe Photoshop Sketch app is compatible with, you’re good to go
  2. Because this course was originally aimed at Korean students, the instructor shows different types of local services for prints and other items featuring your drawings. As a U.S. based artists, I recommend Shutterfly or Minted for the prints and other items.
  3. The course is in Korean with English subtitles, so be sure to pause the video if you’re falling behind.
  4. Though I dabbled with that already