The Rising of the Shield Hero (Vol. 3)

It’s been over a month since my last review of the Shield Hero light novels. Like the previous novels, there was a lot going on with this third chapter, as the anime covered five episodes (ep. 9-13). Not to mention that Episode 13 introduces MADKID’s 2nd opening theme FAITH. As some of you may know by now, I am a true blue Axcel. I do own and maintain a MADKID blog and fansite that you can check out if you’re interested in the group that composed and performed both the anime’s opening themes. But, this post isn’t about the anime series or MADKID. This is a review of the third volume of the light novel series.

In vol. 3, we are introduced to yet another new character, a filolial fanatic named Mel, whose real name is actually Melty Melromarc, the Crown Princess of the (discriminatory) kingdom of Melromarc. In short, she is also related to the trash (King Aulcray) and bitch (Myne/Malty Melromarc). Contrary to the trash and the bitch, Mel is the complete opposite. The crown princess’s encounter with Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo was intentional per the orders of the Queen of Melromarc. We also learn that the Melromarc Queen is the true ruler of Melromarc, not her husband King Aulcray, who simply just married to the Royal Family.

The entire volume illustrates Mel’s role as the crown princess and Filo’s new best friend, and how she goes through the process of keeping the peace and order between Naofumi and the entire kingdom of Melromarc. Still blinded with suspicion, Naofumi refused to even give his trust to another royalty, not especially towards another member of the Melromarc Royal Family. Mel has good intentions and wasn’t just strictly following her mother’s orders so that the hatred towards the shield hero by her own kingdom will finally come to end.

It turns out that even the Melromarc Family has its own dysfunctional problems. We learn that because of Mel’s position to the Melromarc Crown, she and her older sister Myne/Malty do not get along with each other. Myne is second underneath Mel because of her atrocious, childish, and immature behavior, so problematic that the queen herself was ready to disown her.

Near the end of the book, Naofumi has been framed to have kidnapped Mel, and Melromarc is looking down on him once more. But this time, Naofumi also learned that Mel’s own family, most notably Myne, was out to kill her so that Myne can ascend to the ranks and take over the crown after the queen passes. Mel gave her trust on Naofumi to save her, and rather than being angry and offended for being framed again, decided to follow Mel’s orders and “kidnap” her in rescue away from her killers.

Because of this intent, Mel also became a member of Naofumi’s party, using her water magic as her form of offense and defense. While Myne’s powers are fire-based, Mel’s powers is that of water. This is also a sign that both the First Princess (Myne) and the Crown Princess (Mel) are in contrast to each other, not to mention that they are at odds with each other at the same time. Mel insisted that Naofumi and party must head to another country in order to meet the queen.

Things are getting a lot more interesting in vol. 3, as we can slowly reveal the mystery behind Melromarc’s hatred towards the Shield Hero in the first place. And also, Melromarc’s state religion is to worship the three heroes. Why only three when there were four heroes?

I finally caught up with Episode 14, and once again, the story focuses back towards Raphtalia, who has a very dark past that happened right after her village was destroyed by the First Wave.

Next time again in vol. 4 of the light novel!