Welcome to “version 2”!

It’s been months… yes, months. I fell in love with a Japanese boy band, focused my interests of that said boy band, and not just that, I’ve also met some of the members of that same boy band through their regular livestreams. You even get to ask them questions about their work, their passions, random topics, and other interests. And as I continued on visiting and watching their streams, they even begin to know you by your name and your (Twitter) username alone.

Even though it’s almost a year since then, it still is very surreal to me. I still get giddy and excited and nervous to even speak to any one of them, even though these same members already know me by name. Now that they are growing in popularity thanks to their third single becoming the opening theme of an anticipated anime series at the beginning of 2019, 1 you start to prepare yourself for the good, the bad, and something else unexpected.

How’s that for a beginning of a potential original fiction story? It sounds like one of those shoujo manga stories and those otome dating sim games, right? Ever since April Fool’s Day of 2018, and even though I get weary of the name of that day, I was not entirely fooled. 2

This is my very first entry of the newly revamped Adri Mars INK, with its very new purpose: a blog about fiction, whether if it’s written by me, written by others, fan fiction, book, short story anthology, TV, movie, anime, manga, etc. In some ways, it’s the same as the original intent, but I would not be posting any more (incomplete) samples of original fiction that I tried to write or even any chapters of fan fiction. 3

I also built a theme using a plugin rather than a theme framework called Oxygen. It has somewhat of a huge learning curve, but I’ve gotten the basics down. I do plan on using Oxygen for my future WordPress projects, once I got the grasp of its powers. For now, I wanted a very simple theme, much simpler than my previous layout. The colors are somewhat similar, but a whole lot different and more minimized.

This is it for my intro post. I’ll definitely write more later. I’ve got a few stories that I would like to write about, reviews or opinions. But my prior ones will be the following:

  • The Rising of the Shield Hero 4 by Aneko Yusagi
  • Uncommon Type – Some Stories 5 by Tom Hanks 6

Keeping in mind also that I am currently back to studying code again for my new job/career change, so please don’t expect me to update and write here all the time. I haven’t even had the time to write on my tech blog and on my personal blog even, so please be patient.

And that’s it for my intro post. See you next time!

Little Notes

  1. The Rising of the Shield Hero/Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
  2. April Fool’s Day 2018 was also Easter Day for us Catholics…
  3. Besides, it’s hard to write fan fiction about your favorite boy group if you know them personally in real life…
  4. light novel series and currently an anime series
  5. Christmas gift from sister…
  6. Yes, the actor Tom Hanks.