Well, well…

… welcome to Adri Mars INK!

In case you’re wondering what this new site is about, it’s basically a refreshed, rebuilt (fiction/fanfiction) writing blog site from the old AdriMars.ME domain. More about the story behind Adri Mars INK (AMI) is in the About section.

This wasn’t a last-minute decision to do a rehauling of this particular website. I’ve planned this already for the longest time. Last year, to be more specific. I have been satisfied with the work I’ve done for AdriMars.ME, but I feel that it was lacking something and it also felt like I was losing interest at the same time. I keep my fiction/fanfiction writing topics away from my more personal non-niche blog so that I have a better focus on the intended subject whenever I write an entry. After all, I do have a good number of friends who are more interested in my general blogging rather than the more focused ones such as this and my web development learning journal blog.

I don’t regret losing the original database of the previous blog because I really did intend to seriously start over, erasing everything I’ve written in the past. I also have plenty to write about, regarding my latest fanfiction project. I thought of building a fansite based on this particular series, but it got expanded so much throughout this entire year that I became overwhelmed with covering what needs to be covered for the fansite, so I decided to back out of it. 1

I’m very excited for this fanfic project, and I really felt that it was needed for me to finally start over with this fiction/prose writing blog. I believe it’s about time. For the next few entries or so, a lot will be talking about my latest fanfic project. Please stay tuned!

Finally, just to end this introductory entry, I’d like to greet everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018! Stay safe, all!

Till next time.

On the sidenote . . .

  1. … or maybe just postponing at a later time…